bread making at Dupplin152 Cheese, Jalepeno and olive bread

Now that life at Dupplin152 has slowed down a little in November, It’s the time to re-think and revitalise menus and experiment a little. Taking the time to look at new ideas and  recipes. To see how we can re-vamp breakfasts, or add a touch of something different to our suppers.

At the end of our second year then, I’m upgrading my bread making skills and loving the challenge. The excitement value and sense of achievement is priceless. You will see much more here on the baking posts

This is a milk bread. A little dense, but very cheesy, olivey, and the shards of jalapeño have a great kick. Then theres  a milder onion and garlic background. It’s twisted into its tin, so you get a taste of everything.

Imagine a slice with your minestrone, or tomato, basil and orange soup?