The Wargaming Experience

An Introduction

On the ground floor of Dupplin152, you can discover DUPPLIN GAMING, where our associated business runs a wargaming experience. A 10 x14 foot table is set up at the moment with hundreds of beautifully hand painted 28mm soldiers re-fighting D’Erlons attack at the battle of Waterloo. The terrain is hand sculpted to scale, with every hill and contour precisely showing the battlefield as it was in 1815.

Here you can refight the battle as Napoleon or Wellington and It’s your chance to possibly change the outcome and the course of history.

The whole table can be changed with some notice to refight other famous battles…THE BATTLE OF CULLODEN MOOR OR THE FIRST DAY OF GETTYSBURG are on hand to ensure a fascinating time

DUPPLIN offers, for up to 4 guests, a wargaming weekend or one day experience. A completely made to measure game, for example.  There are smaller, quicker skirmish fights too. Western gunfights are always popular with a selection of the beautifully detailed buildings and of course, there are plenty of board games.

At present we are busy painting figures to offer visitors the new Frost Grave fantasy game

Guests can choose to fight each other and we will supply the umpire, or you can fight on the same side and we will provide the opposition with one of our resident wargamers and also provide the umpire. We will also provide reinforcements for the games, for example for Waterloo we can provide the complete Prussian 1st and 4th Corps or the French 6th Corps and the Imperial Guard for all those what-if scenarios.

Painting Figures

For a break from the gaming, we can also offer tutorials on how we paint the figures on mass, with handy hints and tips on time-saving methods.

Plus of course our easy method of painting the dreaded horses, which as you can see from the photographs is very effective.

Terrain building

We also offer tutorials on how we construct and produce our contoured terrain and our method of painting.  Find out little more about it here

Items for sale

We always have a selection of painted and unpainted figures, terrain pieces and historical books for sale

Future games to be offered

Napoleonic naval

Frost Grave Fantasy

WW1 skirmish

Samurai skirmish

WW2 20mm North Africa and Arnhem and Russian Front actions

Future local Wargame events

 Claymore Edinburgh 5th August

Targe Kirriemuir 11th November

Wargaming History

Bryan Moodie here and I have been a wargamer for the last 50 years and during his time I have collected and fought with figures from most periods in history, using many different sets of rules through that time, creating and modifying rules to give a better historical focus.

Initially, I played the game with a convention/competition method and outlook.

However, as time went on I became very tired of the convention gamers attitude to using and manipulating the rules to win the game with no attempt at achieving historical accuracy. This is when I realized there must be more to wargaming than just winning a game and therefore decided to recreate and refight actual battles from history and to adjust the rules to obtain a more historically accurate game. Instead of playing the game as a competition, the players discuss tactics and possible moves for both sides. We usually fight the battle initially from the historic deployment of the troops to see if we can achieve the same outcome. Then future games on the same battlefield we will try out all the “what if” scenarios.

Wargames Rules

Among the rules we have used in the past are Johnny Reb 3 (ACW), Black Powder, General De Brigade, Rapid Fire and various others. However, if you have a favourite set of rules feel free to bring them with you and we will only be too pleased to try and accommodate you.


All our purpose built contoured terrain and figures are currently in 28mm apart from WW2 which is 20mm for use with Rapid Fire rules

Hours of play.  Typical Weekend Layout

  • Friday:- arrival no earlier than 1600hrs :- introduction to our wargames room and the possible scenarios for the weekend
  • Saturday:- wargaming from 1100hrs but earlier possible subject to agreement until around 2200hrs
  • Sunday:- continue from yesterdays game or if complete a Skirmish game to finish proceedings 0930hrs till 1130hrs

All above times are flexible but subject to agreement.