FOOD…some of the suppers and various goodies Chef has been feeding us @ Dupplin152

Here’s a lighthearted page our Chef Fiona thought you’d like to see. Personally, we think she simply enjoys gloating over past success’s. Anyway, the photography may not be all that professional, we just want to share with you some the food she’s imposed on her unsuspecting victims

Here’s a bowl of spicy ramen noodles, bordering on healthy, with kimchi, choi sum and bobby beans.

Its a light vegetarian supper that could easily be changed with the addition of shredded pork, chicken, or a few prawns.

Sweet Potato and Butternut Squash Gratin

Sweet potato and butternut squash gratin. Creamy and garlicky.served with slivers of  rare ribeye steak, green salad and Bernaise dressing.

Take off the steak and you have a very tasty vegetarian, gluten free supper.

Baked CamembertI know this looks simple, but this Baked Camembert is a seriously good supper for two to share.

If you’ve read our blog, you will be aware that we spend a fair bit of time at our renovation project in Pays de la Loire, France. Well, this, our local, Bon Mayennais Camembert speaks for itself, without any additions.  I mean it.  No garlic necessary.  Plenty of it comes home with us each trip in the electric cool box.

Haricot vert, in a fresh tomato and smoked bacon sauceOkay, I know its a wee bit scruffy, but this dish of fresh out of the garden, Haricot vert, in a fresh tomato and smoked bacon sauce, was stunning and the buttery cheese scones for mopping up the juices were an inspiration.buttery cheese scones

American meatloafSorry about this one folks, but it was served before i could take a photo. Still, you get the idea. This was supper for two, but I reckon there was a bit of skulduggery going on, as it disappeared affy quick.

Anyway, This was American meatloaf served with bulgar salad, in, or with pitta bread and yogurt