FOOD…some of the suppers and various goodies Chef has been feeding us @ Dupplin152

Here’s a lighthearted page our Chef Fiona thought you’d like to see. Personally, we think she simply enjoys gloating over past success’s. Anyway we just want to share with you some the food she’s imposed on her unsuspecting victims

To start with, here are a couple of dinner menus. Im sure you’ll find something there to tempt you. You will be emailed the menu on the day of your arrival with the choices for that evening.

Menu One – A Hearty Scottish Offering

Starters – £5

French country pate, toast and chutney

Grilled Taleggio on sourdough bruschetta, with  honey, fresh thyme and walnuts

Chicken and puy lentil broth

Mains – £10

Duck confit with creamed potatoes or chips. veg, or salad

 Pulled pork with rice and flatbread

 7 ounce homemade beef burger with salad and chips

 Vegetarian Split pea and lentil curry

Dessert – £5

Sticky toffee pudding with cream or ice-cream 

Fruit tart cream or ice-cream 

Cheeseboard – £5

24hr Complementary coffee and tea

MENU 2 – The True Taste of Dundee

Starters – £5

Haggis neeps and tatties

Sharing selection for 2 or 4…Baked camembert, French country pate, crudités and salad

Chicken, veg and puy lentil soup

Mains – £10

Duck confit with creamed potatoes and vegetables

Pulled pork with baked potato and veg or in a panini with cheese, salad and fries.

Spatchcocked, barbecued chicken

(Homemade 7 ounce beef, lamb or pork burgers are always on the menu. served with salad and fries)

Vegetarian Option

Cauliflower cheese with garlic bread and salad.

Dessert £5

Mixed fruit tart with ice-cream or creme fraiche

Grilled pineapple with sugar biscuits, ice-cream or creme fraiche

Cheeseboard- £5

24hr Complementary coffee and tea