War Games

War Games at Dupplin152On the ground floor of 152 you can discover DUPPLIN GAMING, where our associated business runs an unforgettable war gaming experience.

The gaming room, with its 10ft x 14ft table, is in itself, a truly unique experience.  At the moment it is set up with hundreds of beautifully hand painted 28mm soldiers re-fighting D’Erlons attack at the battle of Waterloo. The terrain is hand sculpted to scale, with every hill and contour precisely showing the battlefield as it was in 1815.
Here you can refight the battle as Napoleon or Wellington and it’s your chance to possibly change the outcome.  The whole table can be changed with some notice to refight other famous battles.  THE BATTLE OF CULLODEN MOOR PERHAPS, or THE FIRST DAY OF GETTYSBURG are on hand to ensure a fascinating time.  There are smaller, quicker skirmish fights too.  Western gunfights are always popular and of course there are plenty of board games.

DUPPLIN offers, for up to 4 guests, a war-gaming weekend, or one day experience.  A completely made to measure game. For example, guests can choose to fight each other and we will supply the umpire, or you can fight on the same side and we will supply the opposition with one of our residential war-gamers and also provide the umpire.

There are plenty of reinforcements too, for example, for Waterloo we have the complete Prussian 1st and 4th Corps, or the French 6th Corps and the Imperial guard for all those “What if” scenarios.

Lunch is whenever you mutually decide to break and there are snacks, coffee, tea and water available all day.

Everything you need for an enjoyable experience is under one roof. The hospitality we provide for up to 4 people is generous, charming and comfortable, in a relaxed environment.

Your Superking, King, or Twin en suite rooms are on the first floor, providing a delightful private space to relax, with plenty of fresh coffee, choice of teas and biscuits, or whatever chef has been baking.

The dining room offers much more than simply breakfast in the morning. This pleasant space is available for the whole of your stay. There’s a comfortable sofa and a smart TV with DVDs and the large table is perfect for board games, or any work you may have to do. The ideal place for some down time.

For details of your accommodation and the hospitality we provide during your experience, please see menu bar above.