Dupplin historic wargaming museum

War Games at Dupplin152

On the ground floor of Dupplin152 you can discover our  HISTORIC WARGAMING MUSEUM

Here’s the owner, Bryan Moodie to tell you a little bit about the War Gaming here at Dupplin152 and how you can take part.

Entrance to the War Gaming room is free. To play there is a price list at the bottom of the page. To check availability, please contact us to book a game at contact@dupplin152.com

Dominating the room is the magnificent 10ft x 14ft table, which is, in itself, a truly unique experience. There are upwards of two thousand 28mm figures on the terrain, which has been expertly sculpted and contoured to scale by Bryan Moodie and Paul Jenkins, to depict D’Erlons’ attack at the battle of Waterloo, as it was on 18th June 1815 as the French Grand battery of eighty-four guns open fire.

Here you can refight the battle as Napoleon or Wellington. It’s your chance to possibly change the outcome.

There are plenty of reinforcements too, for example, for Waterloo we have the complete Prussian 1st and 4th Corps, or the French 6th Corps and the Imperial guard for all those “What if” scenarios. (More of this later)

For a completely made to measure game, guests can choose to fight each other and we will supply the umpire, or you can fight on the same side and we will supply the opposition with one of our residential war-gamers,

Excellent access to the whole table is made easy, by sliding sections of terrain to produce two “gopher holes”. There’s lots of room to crawl under the table to emerge dramatically in the middle of the battlefield, behind enemy lines.

The whole table can be changed with some notice to refight other famous battles.  THE BATTLE OF CULLODEN MOOR, BANNOCKBURN or THE FIRST DAY OF GETTYSBURG. These are all on hand to ensure a fascinating time.  There are smaller, quicker skirmish fights too –  Western gunfights are always popular, as are the Zulu wars at Rourkes drift

The French Grand battery


One of many glass fronted cabinets containing thousands of figures

Getting back to the room itself…The walls are covered in Militaria – Swords, guns,and Don Troiani ACW prints.

Where there isn’t a print, there are glass fronted cabinets, housing thousands of beautifully painted 28mm figures. Some just waiting to join the action on the table. Incuding:-

The complete Prussian 1st and 4th Corps

The French 2nd and 6th Corps,

The French Imperial guard

And the rest of the allied army.