4 Hour Wargame Experience

Welcome to the 4-hour Wargame experience

Our combatants:

Martin, Steve and Paul

We refought part of  D’Erlon’s 1st Corp attack to the right of La Haie Sainte with  Quiot 1st Division and Donzelot 2nd division attacking the Hanoverians deployed on the ridge North of La Haie Sainte. The four-hour session was the perfect time to complete 6 good moves, with Martin and Steve opting to play the French side.

Paul and Bryan moved the Allied troops and umpired the game

The first two moves consisted of a bombardment from four batteries from the “Grand Battery” against Bijlandt’s Dutch Belgian brigade, which caused significant casualties thanks to some good dice rolls against the 7th Dutch Militia.

The French 1st and 2nd Divisions then advanced through the grand battery in march column in a checkerboard formation

The game swiftly escalated as the 1st brigade of the 1st division reached the ridge and charged and routed the 7th Dutch militia and the 7th Belgian light infantry. The 1st Brigade of the 2nd French Division moved to its right allowing the 1st Cuirassier from Milhaud 4th Cavalry Corps through. Two sections of Dutch Belgian artillery on the left flank of the French assault fired and forced the 2nd battalion of the 54th line to retire.

Around half time there was a stop for 15 minutes, so we could recap to discuss tactics and possible scenarios while ate sandwiches and other snacks.

The next moves were looking grim for the allies!

The Hanoverian second line opened up to allow the heavy dragoons of the union brigade through, which forced the French 1st brigade of 1st Division into square.

French 1st Cuirassier then charged and routed 8th Dutch Militia and carried on to contact the 5th Dutch militia. Two battalions on the French 2nd Division then charged and routed the 27th Dutch Light infantry

This ended the 4-hour experience resulting in a successful French attack on the Hanoverian ridge. Steve, in particular, started out with a really good confident plan which was well executed and paid off in a significant French victory.

An excellent evening all round. I am sure our players would agree, you don’t need to be a seasoned Wargamer or Historian to enjoy a historical war game refight.