‘What If’ Scenario – D’Erlon’s Corps Attack at Waterloo

Using General d’Armee rules, the ‘What If’  Dupplin gaming playing out at the moment is:-

What if the French attacked the Allies in echelon column, supported by two Brigades of Cuirassiers, instead of in line, as they did on the day.  The opening pictures show some of D’Erlon’s Corps advancing on the allies ridge.

Wargaming Waterloo Image A

Wargaming Waterloo Image B


As you can see in this video, The French Battalion, led by Baron Aulard have charged the British square on the right of the line, forcing them to retire.

The French column has taken up the position of the British square that was forced back. French Cuirassiers charged the second British square in the line and a lucky double six of the die caused a destiny roll, which resulted in the Brigade commander Major General Sir Denis Pack’s unsightly demise. This assisted in the rout of the square and the next square in the line, demoralised, had to fall back .

Wargaming Waterloo Image C

This is the start of the British cavalry counter attack by the Union Brigade, led by Ponsonby. Heading for the Cuirassiers, rather than the infantry, as they did on the day
The Union Brigade moved forward, forcing the 1st French Infantry Brigade commanded by Aulard into square.
The French reserve Infantry Brigade led by Baron Schmitz had advanced towards the ridge.
Meanwhile, Baron Dubois’s Cuirassiers Brigade have been called out of reserve and has moved level with la Haie Sainte

Wargaming Waterloo Image E

Wargaming Waterloo Image F

The Union brigade failed their command roll and went hesitant, so they couldn’t advance. Then the Regiment of the 12th Cuirassiers charged and routed the Scots Greys.
The Brigade of Dubois’s Cuirassiers have moved forward from La Haie Sainte to the top of the ridge. Forcing the three allied Brigades to form square.
British heavy Cavalry guards Brigade then moves up to support the British square.